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GP Products manufacture Neoprene strips & gaskets in a wide range of densities and thicknesses & these products can be supplied with a self adhesive backing if desired. Neoprene is inert & has a closed cell construction making it ideal in a wide range of industrial applications. It has good abrasion resistance, is UV & ozone resistant and can be used in the temperature range of -40˚C to +110˚C.

Neoprene gaskets and strips can be used in a multitude of applications. Here are some of our popular applications:

  • Bodywork Seals
  • Draught Seals
  • Dust Seals
  • Electrical Box Gaskets
  • Electrical Control Unit Seals
  • Noise & Thermal Energy Absorption
  • Water Seals
Neoprene Foam Sponge

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