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Do you struggle to maintain continuity in your supply chain? Do you have problems sourcing assembled parts? Is there a weak link amongst your supply partners? GP Products (UK) can help you!

We have ‘in house’ facilities to kit build, assemble & pack kits of parts, finish incomplete components and fabricate items to your needs! Furthermore, we can outsource components as well if required.Everything is assembled under one roof & governed by our ISO9001 certification, so you can be sure of complete packs, perfect quality and just in time delivery!

Don’t just ask us to quote for the foam insert in your presentation pack, we can quote for the fully finished item & package.

Call today & ask about:

  • Flight Cases & Durable Safe Storage Boxes
  • Gasket Sets
  • Kits of Cut Parts
  • Multi-Components Packed into Kits
  • Point of Sale Packs
  • Presentation Packaging together with your Product
  • Rubber Seal Sets
  • Service Kit Assembly
  • Strap & Tag Assembly
Card Cake Tray Insert
Card cake tray insert
Assembled Emergency Pull Cords
Assembled emergency pull cords
Assembled Mesh Filters
Assembled mesh filters
More Assembled Mesh Filters
More assembled mesh filters

Call now to find out more on 01903 723428 or email us You will be surprised by our imaginative solutions to your everyday headaches!

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